'The LEGO Movie': Meet the TV stars behind the toys

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lego-movie-tv-cast-wb.jpgIt's official: "The LEGO Movie" is the biggest opening of 2014 so far. The 3D animated film, which premiered Friday (Feb. 7) has taken in $69.1 million, according to an estimate from its distributor Warner Bros.

While the family film, which follows an upbeat construction worker named Emmet Brickowski who is whisked away from his boring job by nonconformist Wyldstyle to embark on an adventure, is a rousing success, you might be surprised to know its voice cast is an embarrassment of celebrated TV actor riches. Seriously, there are so many of them.

Here they are:

chris-pratt-lego-movie-gi.jpgChris Pratt

Who He Voices: Emmet Brickowski
Why We Love Him: Pratt's endeared himself to audiences for the last six years as the lovable goofball Andy Dwyer on "Parks and Recreation."

elizabeth-banks-lego-movie-gi.jpgElizabeth Banks

Who She Voices: Wyldstyle
Why We Love Her: She may have already been a movie star by the time she began a lengthy guest-star arc on "30 Rock," but Banks' work as Avery Jessup is a favorite. The stuff when her character was stuck in North Korea? Gold.

will-arnett-lego-movie-gi.jpgWill Arnett
Who He Voices: Batman
Why We Love Him: Does the name GOB Bluth mean nothing to you? Arnett's work on "Arrested Development" is what made him a star.

alison-brie-lego-movie-gi.jpgAlison Brie
Who She Voices: Unikitty
Why We Love Her: Whether it's her dramatic work as Trudy Campbell on "Mad Men" or her hilarious portrayal of Annie on "Community," there's no way you can't love Brie.

charlie-day-lego-movie-gi.jpgCharlie Day

Who He Voices: Benny
Why We Love Him: Day brought Charlie Kelly into our lives on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." For that, we'll always be thankful.

will-ferrell-lego-movie-gi.jpgWill Ferrell

Who He Voices: President Business
Why We Love Him: Do we really have to explain this one? Ferrell is an "SNL" demigod.

will-forte-lego-movie-gi.jpgWill Forte

Who He Voices: Abraham Lincoln
Why We Love Him: Come on, he's MacGruber! Even that terrible film adaptation couldn't undo our love for Forte.

jake-johnson-lego-movie-gi.jpgJake Johnson

Who He Voices: Barry
Why We Love Him: "New Girl" may be about Jess Day, but Johnson's steadily made his Nick Miller the heart of the FOX comedy.
keegan-michael-key-lego-movie-gi.jpgKeegan-Michael Key

Who He Voices: Foreman Jim
Why We Love Him: Alongside comedy partner Jordan Peele, Key has brought about the second coming of "The Chapelle Show" on Comedy Central with the hysterical "Key & Peele."

nick-offerman-lego-movie-gi.jpgNick Offerman

Who He Voices: Metal Beard
Why We Love Him: Ron Swanson is a national treasure. Enough said.

cobie-smulders-lego-movie-gi.jpgCobie Smulders

Who She Voices: Wonder Woman
Why We Love Her: Smulders came out of nowhere in Season 1 of "How I Met Your Mother" to steal our heart with along with Ted and Barney's as Robin Scherbatsky. Nine years, she's still got us in the palm of her hand.

jorma-taccone-lego-movie-gi.jpgJorma Taccone

Who He Voices: Shakespeare
Why We Love Him: As one-third of The Lonely Island, Taccone is responsible for some of the most memorable digital shorts in "SNL" history. And then he proved could actually really act with his role as Booth Jonathan on HBO's "Girls."
Photo/Video credit: Warner Bros., Getty Images