'The Lego Movie' video: Outtakes and bloopers are awesome

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What is the only thing more awesome than "The Lego Movie"? How about a video of outtakes and bloopers from the film?

Considering that these are faked -- because they don't have outtakes in animation, of course -- the scenes do look an awful lot like the always-popular blooper reels that show up on DVD releases.

The whole thing begins with Vitruvius ( Morgan Freeman) falling off a stage and quickly goes nuttier from there. Highlights include Emmett ( Chris Pratt) flubbing his lines, Batman ( Will Arnett) repeatedly flying into the sun, Uni-Kitty ( Alison Brie) changing the tone of the film with a mention of "hoo-hoos," Vitruvius having trouble with his lines, and Emmett and Batman leaning.

Which is better -- "The Lego Movie" or the outtakes?

Photo/Video credit: Warner Brothers