'The Lion King' cast pays tribute to Nelson Mandela on 'GMA'

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"Good Morning America" had a special tribute to the late Nelson Mandela. The former South African President passed away at age 95 on Dec. 5, and the cast of the "Lion King" on came on "GMA" the following day to sing a song in his honor.

"GMA" had been paying tribute to Mandela all morning. Original "Lion King" cast member Ron Kunene opened up to "GMA's" Josh Elliott about why performing in "The Lion King" means so much in Mandela's honor.

"To sing these words today means a great deal because without Nelson Mandela, without his leadership and also his ideology of a non-racial democratic South Africa, we wouldn't be where we are today," Kanene says. "In this song, we really celebrate our freedom; celebrate our cultural heritage."

Photo/Video credit: ABC/Broadway