'The Little Couple' Returns to TLC With a Q&A

Tonight's cuppa: peppermint tea

I'll be busy at the Twitter-ific 140 Character Conference the next couple of days here in Los Angeles (along with my second visit to the set of NBC's "Community"), so to tide you over, here's a Q&A with two of the most popular people to ever appear on this blog, businessman Bill Klein and pediatrician Dr. Jen Arnold.

The recently marrieds are the stars of TLC's hit reality series "The Little Couple," which returns for a second season on Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Unless otherwise indicated, all answers are considered to be from both Klein and Arnold (and as you can tell from the pictures, they did squeeze in some angling time):

Little_Couple_Bill_Klein_Fishing.jpgQ: Are you surprised at the success of the show?


A: It's a success? Actually, it's been a surprise and a pleasant one at that. Most of the feedback we have received has been positive and who could complain about that?!

Q: Two times I've posted stories on "The Little Couple" on my blog -- click here and here -- and the second post (which came out after the series had premiered) generated many comments from readers, all very positive. What about the show and yourselves do you think appeals to viewers?


A: If we had to guess, it's that people see a lot of themselves in us. We are two down-to-earth folks, who happen to be madly in love, that are trying to make the best of our situation...and hopefully that is what resonates with the viewers.

Q: What challenges are you facing during this season?


A: Time! Time is a commodity that is in high demand in our home. Work for both of us as picked up in pace and the demands we must meet to make things work with the show and our careers is tough enough.

Insert the want and need to continue to have some private time between just the two of us and all of a sudden, we are looking for Funday, that elusive eighth day of the week! Also, we have a lot of big things coming up. Baby stuff, house stuff, work stuff...it will be hard to get it all into one season...but it keeps us busy!

Q: How has your life changed since the show has been on the air?


A: It takes a lot longer to go to the grocery store; we have actually been seated a little quicker at a restaurant or two! And we have met so many great fans all over the country!

Q: Do you feel like you're educating viewers about the medical causes for your stature? What
Little_Couple_Jen_Arnold_fishing.jpg feedback are you getting?


A: We do think we are educating our viewers about the medical issues surrounding skeletal dysplasias.  Jen: "I have had many emails from families who have kids with dwarfism asking for advice. Of course I can't give them exact medical advice since I am not their physician, but I have been able to guide them to specialists and even speak with their physicians as needed. It's a very rewarding opportunity. If and when we have a child with skeletal dysplasia I think the education will really increase as many of the medical and orthopedic challenges of dwarfism occur in childhood."

Q: What's been the most fun about shooting the show?


Q; Getting to know the crew, they have all been great to work with! Bill: "and l get to test out my jokes with a captive (truly captive...the crew is obligated to listen) audience!

Q: Any regrets?


A: The only regret is time management. With our busy schedules, we wish we had planned some things a little better so that we were ahead of the game instead of always feeling like we are trying to catch up.  Also, we wish we kept up better with our fan mail, email, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. We love to reach out, but find it often hard to keep up.

Q: Any favorite celebrities you've now had a chance to meet?


A: Oprah.