The McRib is back in all its pressed meat goodness

mcrib-getty.jpgThere's good news for everyone who savors pork-flavored meat pressed into a rib-type shape - the McRib is back.

McDonalds specialty sandwich that was first introduced on 1982 makes periodic returns to the fast food chain, much to the delight of its legions of fans. Perhaps the most curious part of the McRib is the overall shape that resembles a rack of ribs, including the bone (made of meat).

But for all its oddities, the McRib has permeated popular culture on everything from " The Simpsons" (as the Ribwich), " The Osbournes," " The Late Show with David Letterman" and " The Boondocks."

Here's a favorite McRib moment for you to savor...
Or you can learn how to make your own...

Photo/Video credit: Getty, YouTube