'The Mentalist': Who is Red John? Leave your last-minute conspiracy theories here!

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the-mentalist-red-johns-rules-s5-finale.jpgThis Sunday (Nov. 24), "The Mentalist" will reveal once and for all the identity of Red John, the serial killer who murdered Patrick Jane's ( Simon Baker) family. Although Jane asserted in a press conference during "The Great Red Dragon" that Red John is actually CBI director Gale Bertram, the killer's actual identity is still very much up in the air.

The list of seven is still in play, so let's go through a couple of the conspiracy theories claiming that each of the men are Red John.

Brett Partridge
When Cho went to the morgue to look at his arm for confirmation of the tattoo, he didn't look at his face. And it looked like the tattoo was there, right? Something's fishy.

Bob Kirkland
Kirkland has a twin brother -- could he be the one who died? Listen, evil twin twists aren't just for soap operas.

Thomas McAllister
He's been around since the beginning. Could this be a long game from the producers?

Gale Bertram
Maybe it's not a red herring and the CBI director really is Red John.

Reede Smith
We know he's in CBI custody and he's definitely in on the conspiracy, but is he the mastermind?

Ray Haffner
He died in the explosion at Jane's house...or did he?

Bret Stiles
Hey, we never saw his body either. As the leader of the Visualize cult he's already proven he can influence hundreds of people. Plus, he's played by famous person Malcolm McDowell, who has the name-guest-star heft to pull off such a major baddie.

Patrick Jane
They've said it time and again that Jane isn't Red John, but they also insisted the "Lost" characters weren't dead and we all saw how that turned out. (Oh, wait, that's still up for debate? Nevermind.)

Last call for conspiracy theories before the big reveal: Who's Red John?
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