'The Middle' Season 5 premiere: Axl learns what a scholarship really means

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The season premiere of "The Middle" will reveal that Axl ( Charlie McDermott) has not managed to mess up his college scholarship over the summer. Possibly because he doesn't quite understand the concept of what a scholarship is.

In this clip from Wednesday's (Sept. 25) premiere -- which you can watch exclusively on Zap2it -- Frankie ( Patricia Heaton) takes her eldest shopping for a few dorm-room essentials. Per usual, Axl is less than thrilled to be A) spending time with his mom and B) doing something that feels even remotely like a chore.

"I can just buy stuff when I get to school," Axl protests.

"With what?" Frankie wants to know.

"Uh, my scholarship money -- duh. Don't they give it to me in like an envelope or something when I get there?"

Chalk this up as the first thing Axl learns at college. "The Middle" premieres at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday on ABC.
Photo/Video credit: ABC