'The Mindy Project' Season 3 casts 'Reno 911' alum Niecy Nash as Mindy's rival

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Mindy Lahiri may not be the center of attention anymore on "The Mindy Project." According to  TVLine, Niecy Nash will be joining the cast as the new chief of Shulman & Associates' admitting hospital. 

The report describes Nash's character, Dr. Jean Fishman as "a tough Bostonian physician" who is a "take-no-prisoners type who puts up with no nonsense whatsoever. Dr. Fishman also happens to be a lesbian." 

In the past two seasons Mindy has only been the female doctor, trying to get her male cohorts to behave, but Nash will be brought in to spice things up. 

Nash joins the show after wrapped up on HBO's "Getting On." 

"The Mindy Project" kicks off Season 3 on Sept. 16 on FOX. 
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images