'The New Normal': Nene Leakes and Georgia King on their new show - plus some 'Glee' finale scoop

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new-normal-nene-georgia-upfronts.jpgFor those wondering, NBC's new Ryan Murphy sitcom "The New Normal," about a gay couple and the surrogate carrying their child, definitely has the Murphy magic touch -- it's emotional and hilarious at the same time. "What a wonderful touch, too," says star Georgia King, who plays the woman carrying the couple's baby, when Zap2it catches up with her on the NBC Upfront red carpet on May 14.

"Oh yes, honey. Very much a genius. He has a great director, he has a great eye -- I have to say thank you to Ryan Murphy because he totally changed my life," adds Nene Leakes, who recurs as the assistant to one half of the couple and got her role after Murphy recruited her for a guest spot on "Glee."

The wardrobe on the new show is much more Nene than her wardrobe on "Glee." "For people who know me from Coach Roz, Coach Roz wore sneaker and sweatsuits, I wear high heels and fabulous clothes on 'The New Normal.'"

Speaking of Coach Roz, Leakes was tight-lipped about the finale but did let it slip that she could return to McKinley high in Season 4 of "Glee." "Everybody wants to know and I can't say a thing because they'll kill me, but they leave it open so that Coach Roz can come back, so that's great."

So, what's the show like? "In essence it's a mish-mash of these strange people who are put together with this weird circumstance and they become a family and a unit, and it's exploring that new normal family," says King.

If she had to compare it to any other show, it would probably be "Modern Family," but even that's not a great comparison. "A lot of people I know have been saying 'Oh, like "Modern Family."' I'm not sure if I would necessarily say that because the gay couple in our show is the predominant story," she says. "It's not like anything else, to be honest. I can't think of a thing, really."
Photo/Video credit: Zap2it