'The Office' remixes itself: Recalling some of Season 8's top moments

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We're well into Season 9 of "The Office" now, but the show is pausing to look back at last season, via this remix video.

So get ready to revisit Andy ( Ed Helms) stripping down for his tattoo, Jim ( John Krasinski) looking like an extra on "A Clockwork Orange" during his Pyramid presentation and Stanley ( Leslie David Baker) telling you once more to "shove it up your butt." Look closely and you'll even see Robert California ( James Spader) show up again.

It's all set to a staccato, re-re-remix beat.

Season 8 was not always "The Office" at its best, but the video shows a lot of very good little moments that came out of it. We'll never get tired of seeing Dwight's ( Rainn Wilson) tear-away suit, for instance, and Nellie ( Catherine Tate) trying to eat a taco is pretty great too.

Hit play to experience it all again.
Photo/Video credit: NBC