'The Real Housewives of Atlanta': Can Kim have her cake and eat it, too? Quiver!

We at Zap2it are constantly surprised by the comings and goings of one Miss Kim Zolciak on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" -- especially in the relationship department. 

Now, she's pregnant with Atlanta Falcons' Kroy Biermann's child, whose assets she admired a couple episodes back on "Dancing Stars of Atlanta." It was apparently a windy road back to Kroy. 

While the last two seasons have been all about Big Poppa, this season he's out and she's trying all kinds of new flavors. We all remember her big confession that she swam in the shallow waters of DJ Tracy Young's "lady lake." They met while working on the remix to "Tardy for the Party" and the party happened to go a bit late a few nights. Wink. 

Kim: Whoa, whoa, whoa, the fling didn't mean a thing.
Tracy: You mean the ring.
Kim: Oh, right, of course...

What's strange, though, is how she is both open about it, as well as private about it. Rumors swirled for weeks before she admitted to "Life & Style Weekly" that she actually had a lesbian tryst with Tracy. To tell you the truth, it never quite seemed to us like anything that would be long-term, but it happened nonetheless. 

Now, she's hanging with Tracy with the Bravo cameras and her cast mates around and she's weird about talking about it? What did she think would happen if she brought Tracy around Sheree Whitfield? Sheree was going to get the dirt, that's what.

Has Kim gone beyond the point of asking for privacy when it comes to Tracy?
Photo/Video credit: Bravo