'The Secret Circle': Daddy issues plague Chance Harbor -- so when will we find out the second Blackwell child?

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tsc-john-blackwell-glow.jpgThere is no shortage of daddy issues on "The Secret Circle," and now that the mysterious John Blackwell has returned to Chance Harbor to protect his daughter, Cassie -- or so he says -- those hang-ups are going to complicate the lives of the witches even further.

We spoke with executive producer Andrew Miller this week, and we had to ask him about where Blackwell stands as a villain. We'd been expecting a formidable force to be reckoned with, but when Blackwell showed up... he was rather unimposing. He can't do magic, and he needed his daughter's friends to save him from some witch hunters. Not exactly the threat we'd been expecting.

"He's had 16 years, and, in our world, 16 episodes, of expectations building up," Miller tells us. "We wanted to mess with those expectations, not only for the characters but also the audience. On Cassie's emotional journey -- that we're racing toward the finish line with -- she needs, more than anything else, a connection to family. What he's doing is coming in and offering her her greatest wish, essentially. It's just a question of whether or not he's for real and her ability to trust him."

As Cassie seeks a deeper connection to Blackwell, it's going to drive a wedge between her and Adam -- particularly because Adam's father, Ethan, has a deep rivalry with Blackwell. As Adam's loyalty is tested, he'll side with his dad, which will certainly put some strain into that star-crossed romance we've been hearing so much about. The Ethan/Blackwell rivalry will bleed into their family trees.

"Adam has a very clear idea of who his father is. He's tragic, yes, he's drunk a lot of the time, he's sometimes passed out when he needs to close up the boathouse, but he loves Adam," Miller explains. "The idea that anyone even suggests [that he's malicious] is a problem, not only for Adam -- but it goes back to Adam and Cassie, because Cassie can't not explore the idea of a father. While she explores that, she's going to deal with Adam, who she's on the verge of having maybe a normal relationship with, coming at this Blackwell thing from the exact opposite side. We're taking kind of a Romeo and Juliet look at this."

tsc-sober-ethan-vertical.jpgJake is still a factor as well, and though he's not actively pursuing Cassie at the moment -- out of some reluctant respect for Adam -- he's still going to factor into the situation, particularly because as usual, he's siding with Cassie on this one.

"As Blackwell swoops in, Jake is a guy in desperate need of a father figure," says Miller. What'd we tell you? Daddy issues. Everywhere. "He turned to Isaac for some fatherly attention in the last few years and that hasn't gone well, and now Blackwell's here, and Jake comes at it from that angle. As he gets closer to Blackwell, he sort of gets closer to Cassie. As Blackwell tries to earn Cassie's trust, Jake becomes part of that plan, and it becomes a problem for Adam and Cassie."

Of course, this fall we learned that Cassie is not Blackwell's only child within the Circle. If you're like us, you're dying to know who Cassie's half-sibling is. We expected the writers to keep this one under wraps until the finale, but Miller tells us they won't keep us waiting that long.

"Sooner than the end of the season," Miller promises. "We're not holding that for some big end of season cliffhanger -- making people wait that long would just be too annoying. That reveal is really just part of a much deeper reveal. That other side of it will set up the rest of the season. Blackwell's emergence will really speed up what we know about 16 years ago, how complicated it was, and how it's going to directly effect the present. That piece of the puzzle dislodges a lot of the final season."

In tonight's episode, we'll see the kids get dressed up for Casino Night (just wait until Lee's coma girlfriend wakes up and sees Faye "prancing around in a hot dress," as Miller puts it). As with all the Chance Harbor events, Casino Night offers opportunity for complete mayhem.

"If you have magic and gambling in the same room, it's an easy way to make a lot of money, I'll say that," Miller teases.

Tune in to "Secret Circle" tonight at 9 p.m. EST after a new episode of "The Vampire Diaries."
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