'The Secret Circle' preview: Could Melissa be John Blackwell's child? Plus, Cassie and Adam put Jake in danger

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tsc-curse-zylka-britt.jpgWe've been hoping to see Melissa get a more intriguing storyline on "The Secret Circle" since Jessica Parker Kennedy blew us away in the demon possession episode. This week, we'll get some more time with Melissa -- and so will John Blackwell.

As we know, Cassie isn't Blackwell's only child in the circle. One of the other witches is also a Blackwell offspring. We're assuming that it's one of the girls, since Cassie has been romantically involved with both Jake and Adam, and that's just a terrible twist.

tsc-melissa-vert.jpgWhen Melissa and Blackwell meet in this week's episode, fans will definitely see a connection between them. He'll remark on how similar she is to her now-dead mother, particularly given their shared knowledge of herbs and potions. It's the first significant information we've gotten about Melissa's mom, and definitely makes us question Blackwell's various entanglements within the previous generation's circle.

Of course, in this week's episode, we'll also see the fall-out from Cassie and Adam's night together. When most teenagers have sex, they have to worry about trouble like STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Adam and Cassie, however, literally kill birds with their love.
Seriously, though -- they're forced to reveal to the rest of the circle that they slept together (poor Diana!) when the long-dormant curse is activated and Jake's life is put in serious danger. To save Jake, Adam and Cassie are forced to drink a potion that's found in one of the family spellbooks -- but an unexpected twist may doom their relationship forever.

Cue ominious music here.

Photo/Video credit: The CW