'The Secret Circle': Where's Nick? Plus, meet the new guy in town

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secret-circle-poster-coven-.jpgSomething wicked this way comes...

On Thursday, The CW tweeted out an awesome new promo poster for "The Secret Circle," with the ominous tagline, "Where there are witches, there are witch hunters."

So who is the hunter, and who is the hunted?

We don't know for sure, but the poster may give us a clue. Nick ( Louis Hunter), one member of the bound circle, is nowhere to be seen, despite having appeared in all of the previous promotional material. Instead, it appears he's been replaced by newcomer Jake ( Chris Zylka), who will make his first appearance on the show in episode 106.

Jake is a former Chance Harbor resident who has a romantic past with Faye. Of course, Faye didn't exactly appreciate being left behind, so now that she's got a few tricks up her sleeve, he may be in trouble. Jake's roots run pretty deep in Chance Harbor -- far beyond a fling with Faye -- and now that we've seen this poster, we're expecting him to stick around in town for quite a while.

Check out some more photos from Jake's first episode below.

tsc-jake-cassie-zylka-robertson.jpg tsc-adam-diana-wake.jpg tsc-faye-melissa-adam-laugh.jpg tsc-faye-melissa-wake.jpg

Photo/Video credit: The CW