'Setup Squad's' Meredith Schlosser: 10 tips for getting a second date

Are you seriously challenged in the dating arena? Are you ready to do whatever it takes? Logo may have the solution for you: "Setup Squad," the network's new reality series premiering Monday, April 25 at 11:30 p.m. ET.

The show features Wings Inc., a company that takes a personalized coaching approach to help clients date and figure out who they really are while finding love.

Long Island native, Meredith Schlosser, is one of the company's "wing" women. She brings all her dating experience to her clients and does whatever it takes to make them over inside and out for what can be the harsh dating scene. 

But... what if you have no problem getting dates and it's getting a second date that eludes you? Zap2it posed that question to the dating expert and she took the challenge.

Here are Meredith's 10 tips to getting a second date:
1.) Be yourself and don't try too hard! YOU are the reason you got the date in the first place. Be confident and own everything you say! 

2.) Don't chew with your mouth open (even if you have really great teeth). I'm sure your food tastes great, but your date doesn't need to see it going down. 

3.) Ask questions! Show the person you're interested in them and never let them do all the talking. Lead the conversation and take control, there's nothing that's more attractive than that!

4.) Don't be preoccupied with your cell phone. The only reason you should be picking up the phone call is if you're miserable and you have a fake call coming in. If you like this person, pay attention to them!

5.) COMPLIMENT the other person! There's definitely not enough complimenting going on in this world. Be creative with the compliments as well. If you really feel it's necessary to compliment them on their socks rather than anything else, we have a lot of work to do!

6.) Have good manners and be polite to the staff wherever you are! No one wants to be with someone that is a slob and most importantly someone that talks down to the wait staff and thinks they're better. 

7.) Have fun! Don't be too worried about what he/she thinks about everything. Laugh and show the person you don't take everything so seriously! If you want to act like a nun, save that for role-playing in the bedroom.

8.) Be honest! If you just got out of jail for a hit and run, I don't know what to tell you. Other than that, be honest about who you are. No one is perfect, remember that! 

9.) Flirt. It's ok to flirt and show you're interested and be affectionate. If the date is going well, there's no reason to act like a stiff wooden soldier all night. Just be sure to know when and how to draw the line. (Side note: I'll tell you what EVERYONE else has told you: DON'T SLEEP TOGETHER ON THE FIRST DATE). 

10.) Don't talk about how bad your other dates were (to try to tell them that they're better), your past relationships, your sex life, or how many kids you want, or TOO much in general. Remember: less is more!

Meet the rest of the team:

"Setup Squad" premieres Monday, April 25 at 11:30 p.m. ET on Logo.
Photo/Video credit: Logo