'The Simpsons' getting Lego treatment in 2014

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Fans of the long-running TV show "The Simpsons" will soon have a new way to experience that animated world. Lego announced Monday (August 5) that they are working on a line of products themed around the cartoon, the Associated Press reports.

"The Simpsons" becomes the latest in a very long line of properties to get the Lego treatment. The Danish toy company already has brick sets for "Star Wars," Marvel and DC comics, "Lord of the Rings," "The Lone Ranger," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and SpongeBob SquarePants." That's not including their original properties, like Ninjago, Chima and Duplo.

Lego expects to launch their "The Simpsons" lineup around the world in 2014. The show begins it's 25th season September 29 on FOX.
Photo/Video credit: FOX