'The Tomorrow People' premiere: Stephen fights to survive the future

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tomorrow-people-pilot-cw-8.jpgAlthough a reboot of a 1970s science-fiction show, "The Tomorrow People" is definitely something new on The CW. Focusing on a young man named Stephen ( Robbie Amell) who discovers he is a member of a genetically advanced race, the pilot episode starts off with plenty of adventure and craziness.

Photos from that episode show this very clearly.

The show begins with Stephen Jameson hearing voices and waking up in strange places. Although he mostly figures he is going insane, he follows a voice and meets the Tomorrow People. Hunted by Ultra, a paramilitary group, the young adults live in hiding under the leadership of John ( Luke Mitchell). Stephen finds out about Ultra and its leader, Dr. Jedekiah Price ( Mark Pellegrino) with the help of John, Cara ( Peyton List) and Russell ( Aaron Yoo). Along the way, Stephen learns some truths that will help explain his father's disappearance years earlier.

Check out the photos below:

Stephen listens to the voices in his head at school.

tomorrow-people-pilot-cw-1.jpgJohn and Cara discuss Stephen's role in their fight.

tomorrow-people-pilot-cw-2.jpgDr. Jedekiah Price does his nefarious thing on a laptop.

tomorrow-people-pilot-cw-3.jpgAlthough still figuring things out, Stephen is ready to mentally kick some bully butt.

tomorrow-people-pilot-cw-4.jpgAt least Stephen has Astrid ( Madeleine Mantock) to talk to about his "problem."

tomorrow-people-pilot-cw-5.jpgCaptured by Ultra, Stephen is put in jeopardy.

tomorrow-people-pilot-cw-6.jpgJohn and Cara help break Stephen out of Ultra.

tomorrow-people-pilot-cw-7.jpgA shocking message helps Stephen find his destiny.

tomorrow-people-pilot-cw-9.jpgCara seems awfully pleased with the way things are turning out. But what about John?

tomorrow-people-pilot-cw-10.jpgStephen makes his choice with regard to Ultra.

tomorrow-people-pilot-cw-11.jpg"The Tomorrow People" premieres Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: The CW