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It took five and a half seasons, but on Thursday (Jan. 23) during "The Vampire Diaries" 100th episode, it finally happened: Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline (Candice Accola) hooked up.

And this wasn't just some measly kiss, either. Nope. They had sex. In the woods. And Caroline initiated it.

Yeah, you can pick your jaws up off of the floor now. We'll wait.

It took a while for Klaroline to seal the deal, and watching them on their ... well, unique journey has been a thrilling ride. So in honor of Klaroline's big, sexy moment, we decided to look back and remember all the best Klaroline moments from the entire series -- in GIF form, of course.

Klaus and Caroline had their first moment alone after Klaus used his sire bond with Tyler to make Tyler -- a werewolf -- fatally bite Caroline on her birthday, all so he could save the day with his blood -- the only cure for a werewolf bite. But Klaus got more than he bargained for when he saw Caroline laying there in her bed, dying on her birthday.

Klaus was introduced to "The Vampire Diaries" as the big bad of the series, but when he had his first moment alone with Caroline, we saw a new side to the Original hybrid we had never seen before: A soft, caring person capable of empathy. And Caroline was the person that brought that out in him. It was the beginning of something unique and special:



Surprising us all, he started to open up and -- for the first time ever -- show vulnerability. He even admitted to Caroline that he thought about giving up and dying more than once over his long existence:


But then he gives her a reason to live (and look at that smirk):


And in that moment, she trusts him. She chooses to live.

6crgx.gif 6crj9.gif

Klaus then invites her to the Mikaelson ball. Along with his invitation, he sends over a dress. Since Caroline has literally nothing else to wear, she grudgingly wears the dress to the ball. But she has no response to when Klaus asks her why she's wearing the expensive diamond bracelet he gave her:

6czj8.gif 6czmu.gif

And that's the night he laid it all out on the table:


Of course Caroline blew it off like it was nothing, but later that night he opened up to her even more: He showed her his art. And then he even offered to show her all the art all over the world. She still didn't take him seriously, but she started to understand this wasn't just some play:

6czxg.gif 6d03j.gif

Sure, she used his crush on her to distract him while the other Mystic Falls vampires tried to pull off some devious plan behind Klaus' back, but it's not like she really minded spending the time getting to know Klaus:

6d09d.gif 6d0bp.gif

When Klaus got fed up with Caroline's repeated attempts to brush off his feelings, he finally laid a truth bomb on her that she could never truly shake:


And then he kept on saving her life, complicating her feelings for him even more:

6d0jn.gif 6d0lh.gif

Of course, she was still dating Tyler, and Klaus used that as an opportunity to get even closer to her. He possessed Tyler's body and hooked up with Caroline, but she quickly realized it wasn't her boyfriend she was making out with:

6d0np.gif 6d0p7.gif

Klaus never hid his feelings for Caroline:

6d0tp.gif 6d0v4.gif

And he finally started to wear her down, just in time for their first date:


Of course, Caroline would never let Klaus in so easy: 

6d144.gif 6d16u.gif

And he was still doing pretty horrible things -- you know, like murdering Tyler's mother and giving Caroline a fatal werewolf bite just to prove a lesson to Tyler. But Caroline knew deep down that Klaus was capable of something more than just revenge:

6d1ba.gif 6d1ci.gif

She came to rely on him even when he was no longer in Mystic Falls (having already left for New Orleans/"The Originals"), and he came running back to save her life just in the nick of time:

6d1gs.gif 6d1i6.gif

And that's when he made his confession that left all Klaroline fans swooning:

6d1l6.gif 6d1mn.gif

And it all led up to this. Caroline initiating a kiss in the woods: 


Which led to so much more:


So what did you think of the big Klaroline scene? Was it everything you ever wanted and more? 

"The Vampire Diaries" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: The CW