'The Vampire Diaries' Decade Dance: Damon crashes Stefan and Elena's party

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tvd-320-bonnie-jamie-dance.jpg "The Vampire Diaries" stages a Decade Dance every year -- and this season's highly anticipated Mystic Falls High soiree will take us back to the 1920s. Zap2it has your exclusive first look at some hot photos from the big event!

After Elena's little trip to Colorado with Damon brings about some new developments, Caroline urges Elena to invite Stefan to the dance.

We know what you're thinking. Usually, we'd expect Damon and Elena to share a dance (it's tradition!) but this week, romance isn't high on Damon's to-do list as he tries to save his best friend. Yes, Alaric's situation is growing increasingly worse. Let's just say that Dr. Jekyll is spending a lot more time as Mr. Hyde these days, and Damon and Meredith have to take some desperate measures.

Don't worry, though -- Damon doesn't miss the dance entirely. As you can see from the photos below, he will crash the party. He won't exactly have his dancing shoes on, though.

Meanwhile, Tyler goes to the dance determined to win Caroline over. She's happy to see him, but when Klaus shows up, things get complicated. How much do you love Candice Accola's glare in the photos below? We're particularly excited to see Bonnie and Jamie get down on the dance floor. (Have you seen Kat Graham's moves?) After a series of unfortunate circumstances, it's really nice to see Bonnie looking so happy.

Naturally, it won't last long. Damon's arrival at the dance spells bad news for Bonnie, Matt, and Jeremy when he asks them for help in undoing a very dangerous spell. By the looks of things, it ends very badly, with Elena sobbing in Stefan's arms.

Death at the decade dance is also a tradition.

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Photo/Video credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW