'The Vampire Diaries'' Elena gets new pink hair: Love it or leave it? Vote!

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vampire-diaries-elena-pink-hair.jpg "Vampire Diaries" star Nina Dobrev hadn't had a major new haircut in years -- so when her newly vamped-out character, Elena Gilbert, lost her humanity last week, she figured it was time to change things up. Nina got bangs cut while she was visiting Los Angeles to attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and when she returned to Atlanta to film the show, Elena got a new look, too.

In addition to the sassy new bangs and layers, Elena's having a little fun with color, running hot pink highlights through her hair. Even Elena's wardrobe will be revamped -- since she burned her house down with all of her clothes in it, the "Vampire Diaries" crew packed up the wardrobe closet and went shopping. It gives them a chance to update Elena's style, from her usual jeans, Frye boots, and henleys to a sleeker, sexier look.

Check out these pics from episode 417, "Because The Night," in which Damon and Elena visit NYC and he recalls some wild days from the 1970s. Vote in our poll below. Do you like her new makeover, or miss the old Elena?

tvd-elena-because-the-night.jpg tvd-nina-dobrev-elena-pink-hair.jpg
Photo/Video credit: The CW