'The Vampire Diaries': Elena takes control, and jealousy runs rampant

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tvd-teen-spirit-large.jpgNew "Vampire Diaries" pics have recently become available, and it looks like Elena ( Nina Dobrev) is taking matters into her own hands. Despite Stefan ( Paul Wesley) putting her under his protection and Damon ( Ian Somerhalder) vowing to never leave her ever again ever ever, Elena is done counting on other people for her own safety.

Elena goes into vampire training with Alaric ( Matt Davis), and it's a good thing, too -- because when Klaus skipped down, he didn't take his jealous little sister, Rebekah ( Claire Holt) with him. Rebekah is going to insert herself into Elena's and Caroline's ( Candice Accola) lives... and knowing her, she'll probably delight in their discomfort.

Stefan takes his job of protecting Elena pretty seriously -- so much that he semi-stalks her while she's training and gives her the side-eye when she has a beer at a party. Additionally, the Damon/Elena/Stefan triangle is finally starting to look a bit more equilateral. Let's just say that Rebekah isn't the only person in town dealing with some jealousy issues.

Matt ( Zach Roerig) will start to realize that seeing dead people isn't exactly a walk in the park, and he'll once again need Bonnie ( Kat Graham) to intervene.

Tyler ( Michael Trevino), of course, is enjoying his new hybrid state. He's not bound by the moon anymore, so he doesn't have to transform into a wolf every month, and his friends become concerned that his allegiances may be shifting.

The episode airs Thursday night at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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Photo/Video credit: The CW