'The Vampire Diaries': Elena's parents just don't understand

tvd-enemy-320.jpgWe've got The CW's newly released photos from "Know Thy Enemy," the first "Vampire Diaries" episode after a six-week hiatus, and Elena ( Nina Dobrev) doesn't look too happy. At the end of the last episode, Elena's biological mother, vampire Isobel ( Mia Kirshner) appeared at Jenna's ( Sara Canning) door... just moments after Alaric promised Jenna that Isobel was dead.

He forgot to mention the undead part of it, so Jenna is faced with some painful truths in this episode. She's become pretty comfortable in her role as de facto parent to Jeremy and Elena, but she's about to realize that she hasn't been protecting them as much as she thinks she has.

Elena wants nothing more than to have her bio-parents, Isobel and John out of her life... but as far as they're concerned, they're not going anywhere until Stefan and Damon leave their daughter alone. In the photos, Elena and Isobel visit a graveyard -- pilot callback! We're speculating that they're visiting the graves of Elena's adoptive parents. What would Miranda and Grayson Gilbert think of Isobel's involvement in their daughter's life?

Meanwhile, Bonnie, Jeremy, and Damon head to the site of the witch massacres to test out Bonnie's powers. She's clearly capable of making leaves dance around, but can she harness enough strength to kill Klaus? We remain very, very skeptical.

We're dying to see what comes of Caroline's misguided confession to Matt -- an episode description says that she's still "heartbroken" by his reaction. Word is that Damon and Stefan will realize they've got a secret weapon to use against Klaus. Could Katherine be that weapon?

Tune in April 7 to find out.

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Photo/Video credit: The CW