'The Vampire Diaries' exclusive prom pics: Love triangle trouble brewing? Plus, Matt makes a move, and dresses to die for!

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vampire-diaries-prom-nina-dobrev-elena-gilbert.jpgWe've been dying to get our hands on these "Vampire Diaries" senior prom photos -- and now we can finally exclusively reveal them to all the fans! The highly anticipated prom episode, "Pictures of You," will air Thursday, April 18 at 8 p.m. -- and judging from these pics, it's the biggest Mystic Falls event we've seen yet.

First of all, Elena -- who chooses a dress that matches the new hot-pink highlights in her hair -- finds herself caught between Stefan and Damon once again. We're just glad Damon agreed to go to the dance in the first place... after all, he is just a few years past his high school days.

Meanwhile, it seems that Rebekah is feeling a little glum as she slumps at a table. Perhaps she's not exactly the object of Stefan's affection that night? (Though, in that sunny yellow dress, we can't imagine why he wouldn't want to sweep her off her feet.) Luckily, it looks like Matt may be showing up to save the day. Here's hoping that kid finally gets a little action. It is prom night, after all.

As for Caroline -- how breathtaking is her gown? Unfortunately, with both Klaus and Tyler absent from these photos, there's no clue as to whether she's got a date to this particular dance. Maybe that's why she's sharing a drink with Damon in one shot.

And finally, we get to see Bonnie all dolled up! Since she's missed out on a few of Mystic Falls' more glamorous affairs, it's great to see her put on a fancy dress with her friends.

What are your best guesses as to what happens at the prom? Who's dancing with whom? Do you think Elena and Caroline will face off? Any guesses as to whether Katherine makes an appearance? Sound off below in the comments section. Let's discuss!

vampire-diaries-prom-matt-rebekah.jpg vampire-diaries-prom-damon-caroline-drink.jpg vampire-diaries-prom-ian-somerhalder-nina-dobrev-delena.jpg

vampire-diaries-prom-triangle-ian-nina-paul.jpg vampire-diaries-pictures-of-you-elena-matt-bonnie.jpg vampire-diaries-prom-caroline-elena.jpg

Photo/Video credit: The CW