'The Vampire Diaries' greatest Katherine moments: Say goodbye to one of the series' best characters in GIFS

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tvd-katherine-moments-in-gifs.jpg It's truly the end of an era on "The Vampire Diaries," as The CW series killed off one of its greatest characters ... permanently. Fans were forced to say goodbye to Katherine Pierce (one of Nina Dobrev's many roles) on the most recent episode on March 6, and this wasn't like any other "death" viewers have seen on "TVD."

Nope, Katherine is really gone. For good. There's no eleventh-hour reprieve for the 500-year-old doppelganger/vampire-turned-human. No more body-jumping spells, no running from her fate, no bringing her back from the dead. Her soul was ripped from this world and dragged not to The Other Side for all eternity, but to "TVD's" version of hell: The Dark Side (which is what we're calling it for a nice symmetry). It was violent, it was brutal, it was dark ... and, like we said, it was permanent. Goodbye, Katherine Pierce. This truly has been "the role of a lifetime."

But before Thursday (March 20) night's episode, "While You Were Sleeping," which will be the first episode since Katherine's demise and the first episode since the beginning of the series where Katherine won't be a formidable adversary or a guiding force for the rest of the main characters, let's take a look back at all of Katherine's conniving, backstabbing, scheming and plotting -- a.k.a. all of her greatest moments -- in GIF form:

Like the first time we saw Katherine in present day ... and said goodbye to John Gilbert's digits:

The-vampire-diaries-katherine-cuts-john-s-fingers-o.gifWe didn't know it at the time, but she actually did Caroline a favor by turning her into a vampire:


When she demonstrated that she could threaten someone's life one second and flirt the next:

Funnyppp.gifWhen we learned Katherine truly had a heart ... deep, deep, deeeeeep down:

431222-the-vampire-diaries-katherine-flashback-gif.gifWhen she found proof that Stefan was still thinking about her after more than a hundred years and literally waved it in his face:

Katherine_pic.gifWhen she actually told Stefan the truth but nobody knew it yet:

When she made the 1800s look sexy (seriously, only Katherine could do that):

tumblr_la2p6ydiET1qdksdzo1_500.gifReally anytime she smirked:

giphy-3.gifNo one can smirk like Katherine:


Her drunk dancing was also on point:

katherine-pierce-dancing.gifGoodbye, Katherine Pierce. While no one on "TVD" will mourn you, the viewers definitely will.

"The Vampire Diaries" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: The CW