'The Vampire Diaries': Homecoming for Mystic Falls High... and Klaus

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tvd-homecoming-klaus2.jpgOn this week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries," we'll learn more about the Originals, uh, origins in Mystic Falls. While we'll see Klaus ( Joseph Morgan) in flashback scenes, we're not expecting to actually see him back in town in the present day.

That, we'll reserve for next week. What better time for Klaus to come home than Homecoming? Mystic Falls apparently hasn't learned its lesson about throwing parties, because the Lockwood Mansion is definitely the place to be for the Nov. 10 episode -- the final episode of 2011.

Judging from these new photos, Klaus is quite the attention-grabber at homecoming. As we saw at last year's '60s dance, he's not afraid to make a scene... but what could he have to say that requires him to get up in front of the teenage population of the town? Uh-oh. Sources tell us that when Klaus gets back into town, he's not alone -- he's been busy cooking up some more hybrids. And they're not exactly at homecoming to enjoy the spiked punch.

Which brings us to Tyler ( Michael Trevino). If Caroline ( Candice Accola) looks particularly worried in the photo, it's for very good reason. We haven't seen Tyler on screen since he and Rebekah chowed down on some innocent victim, but we can assume that he's been up to no good. Damon suggested last week that Tyler won't be released from his sire until Klaus dies, and until then, he's highly impressionable.

Matt ( Zach Roerig) and Elena ( Nina Dobrev) will go to homecoming together, though Stefan ( Paul Wesley) won't be far away, given his new role as her personal vampire bodyguard. While being Elena's date was probably Matt's greatest dream last year, this year, we're hearing that she's actually his Plan B, after his original date falls through. Hmmm.

There are no Bonnie photos, but don't worry! Our girl isn't missing out. Kat Graham will be in the Homecoming episode. And, of course, My Morning Jacket will play all the party scenes, because Mystic Falls is basically a hotbed for rockstars.
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Photo/Video credit: The CW