'The Vampire Diaries' prom scoop: Elena mean-girls Caroline and Bonnie starts fires with her brain

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elena-caroline-vampire-prom-tvd.jpgLooks like humanity-free Elena isn't going to stop mean-girling Caroline any time soon. The new clip from this week's "Vampire Diaries" reveals that the incredible hot pink dress Elena wears at the dance wasn't hers -- she helped Caroline pick it out. For Caroline.

Obviously, the new, nasty version of Elena -- who has taken to palling around with Rebekah -- isn't about to let Caroline be the belle of the ball. She may not have any of the good emotions, but her selfishness and hunger for power are clearly intact. In this clip, we clearly see her making plans to hijack her former bestie.

This begs the question: when Caroline has to get a new dress at the eleventh hour, where does she turn? The vintage appeal of the one she ends up wearing might give you a hint...

Also worth discussing from this trip: Caroline, Matt, and Bonnie are apparently attending the prom as a friend-trouple. We can't say we're not bummed that Matt's chances of getting some action at the prom have been seriously reduced by this friend-zoning, but it is pretty sweet of them all to band together in support. Particularly since Bonnie is experiencing the small complication of setting things on fire with her brain. While she sleeps. Dreaming about Jeremy is bad news...

Photo/Video credit: The CW