'The Vampire Diaries' shocking pics: Is Meredith done for? Is Damon on the prowl?

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tvd-elena-meredith-bloody.jpgWhen we spoke with " The Vampire Diaries" executive producer Julie Plec a few weeks ago, she teased that the Powers that Be at TVD loved guest star Torrey DeVitto so much, they'd tossed around the idea of keeping her on the show on a more long-term basis. "It's possible [Meredith could become a regular] - or she could die a horrific, violent and tragic death," Plec said.

Judging from these recently released photos, it appears they've gone with the latter. (We also know that DeVitto did participate in the pilot season casting rigamarole, so it's safe to say no series regular contract has come her way yet.) On the bright side, it appears that DeVitto finally shot a scene with real-life husband Paul Wesley. Even if it was an extremely bloody one. When Elena ( Nina Dobrev) realizes Meredith's dire situation, she'll reach out to Stefan to help out with some delicious vampire blood. The question is, will he do her a solid, or let Meredith be sacrificed in his persistent quest to appear indifferent to everyone and everything ever in the world?

The photos from Episode 317, "Break On Through," also show Damon ( Ian Somerhalder) cozying up to two hot vampires -- one being his old flame, Sage ( Cassidy Freeman) and the other... could it be that Rebekah ( Claire Holt) wasn't just a one night thing? Our best guess is that, having given up on a romance with Elena ( Nina Dobrev), Damon is having fun. Lots of it. With everybody.

In fact, Sage will help Damon figure out Rebekah's latest agenda, related to her discovery of the white oak tree that could kill her and Klaus. Whether romance sparks along the way is anyone's guess.

tvd-317-elena-stefan.jpg tvd-rebekah-damon-317.jpg tvd-damon-sage-317.jpg

Photo/Video credit: The CW