'The Vampire Diaries': Stefan and Klaus travel on, but when will they return to Mystic Falls?

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tvd-stefan-1920s.jpgOkay, "Vampire Diaries" fans. We've had the whole weekend to recover from that emotional ripper of a season premiere. Is everyone okay? We're here if you need support. You don't have to go it alone.

Seriously. Our first prolonged glimpse at Stefan's ( Paul Wesley) inner demons was unsettling, to say the very least. Not only has he fully given in to his blood addictions, but perhaps the most jarring scene was when he killed Damon's girlfriend Andie right in front of him, because that had nothing to do with his bloodlust. He didn't even feed on her. He just used her in his twisted game.

In this Thursday's episode, Klaus ( Joseph Morgan) and Stefan will come upon Ray's wolfpack -- and Klaus will do his best to turn the entire pack into hybrids. Unfortunately, thanks to a tip from Tyler, Elena and Damon are hot on their trail.

Klaus and Stefan's road trip doesn't stop there, though.

The CW has released photos from an upcoming episode that reveal Stefan's return to his old haunt in Chicago. Gloria ( Charmin Lee), a sexy witch with an Etta James vibe, owns the former speakeasy where Stefan had some fun in the 1920s.

tvd-bar-stefan-klaus-302.jpgLet's just say that Klaus has a history with the place, too.

From Mystic Falls to Pensacola to Memphis to Chicago -- these vamps are certainly on a mission, aren't they? Not to worry, though, Stefan fans. Our boy will be back in Mystic Falls before too long.

We won't give away the exact episode (what's the fun in that?) but we can promise he'll be back before Thanksgiving.

Don't start celebrating too much, though. Believe it or not, he'll be even scarier than he was in Andie's news station, and his return will be very bad news for a few Mystic Falls residents. It may just be that breaking point for Elena that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder spoke about in our recent interview.

Speaking of Somerhalder -- as we saw in the season premiere, Damon's not exactly dealing with his brother's departure in a healthy, mature fashion. He's more in the "break all his stuff!" frame of mind at the moment. His perpetually-in-limbo relationship with Elena isn't helping things, either, and as E! Online revealed, he may give Elena an ultimatum.

If that ultimatum doesn't swing Damon's way, it may lead to him hitting the road, too... with an unlikely companion.


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