'The Vampire Diaries' Steven R. McQueen and Michael Trevino take Chicago

trevino-mcqueen.pngFor a young actor in 2010, there's no better place to be than smack in the middle of the vampire craze. Though they don't play vamps on "The Vampire Diaries," Steven R. McQueen and Michael Trevino have certainly caught their share of vampire fever. On a break from shooting the show in Atlanta, Trevino and McQueen flew to Chicago to meet their legions of Chi-town fans at the Hot Topic Tour.

The lucky fans also got to hear a performance by Sounds Under Radio. Their song, "All You Wanted" is featured on the recently released "The Vampire Diaries" soundtrack album -- and die-hard fans will know it as one of the more memorable cues from Season 1.

Trevino, whose character Tyler was tertiary at best last season, has been thrust into the forefront of the Mystic Falls mythology this year. When Jeremy (McQueen) discovers that a werewolf curse runs through Tyler's blood, it opens the door to some serious antagonism -- and possible bonding.

At last week's Comic-Con in NYC, McQueen told us that Jeremy isn't just using Tyler for werewolf scoop. "Jeremy is finally embracing his destiny as this hunter, and when he finds out that Tyler has the potential to be a werewolf or has that in his bloodline, he gets excited, because he finally has some sort of hand in this mystical world, some sort of upper hand on these vampires," he says. "Tyler's also alone. He's going through this transformation of becoming this beast and not knowing who he is, and Jeremy can relate to that. He's always been an outsider. So though he is using him for information on one side, he definitely develops some sort of friendship with him as well."

Check out the great photos from the event below. The tour concludes in Miami on Saturday, Oct 23, with Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder themselves, so if you're in the area (or have some unused airline miles) get there!

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Photos: Warner Bros