The 'Veronica Mars' movie plot is outlined; hopes for Krysten Ritter and Francis Capra, among others

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kristen-bell-rob-thomas-veronica-mars-movie.jpg "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell (pictured together above) took part in a Twitter chat Thursday (March 21) to answer fan questions about the upcoming "Veronica Mars" movie, which has over $3.75 million raised on Kickstarter.

Here are some highlights:

Question: Will Vinnie and Cliff be back? Please say yes.
Thomas: That's the plan. I hope they both say yes.

Question: Will the #veronicamarsmovie still have the same snarky humor as the show did? And Will Weevil be making an appearance?
Thomas: Yes to the first. And I sure hope Francis/Weevil will be in it. I'm planning on it.

Question: Is there a script for the movie yet? If not, do you know at this stage what direction it'll take?
Thomas: Movie is outlined. First 40 pages are written. I definitely know the direction.

Question: Will veronica be dating anyone? or married?
Thomas: She will open the movie with a boyfriend. What happens in the movie will be rough on her love life.

Question: What has Logan been up to since the end of the show?
Thomas: That will be a surprise. I know. But I'm not telling.

Thomas goes on to tease that he hopes to see Wallace ( Percy Daggs III), Gia ( Krysten Ritter) and Madison Sinclair ( Amanda Noret), Carrie Bishop ( Leighton Meester) and Duncan ( Teddy Dunn). He also says there's a cameo with Kristen Bell's real-life fiance Dax Shepard's name on it -- "I have already written the Dax cameo in the movie. It's a funny one."

Who you won't see are Lilly Kane -- "I'm not planning on flashbacks to the teen days" -- or Meg's kid. After all, the movie's focus is the Neptune High School 10-year class reunion.

Fans of The Dandy Warhols will also be happy -- Thomas "hopes to do cool stuff with the [theme] song. Possibly get Courtney Taylor Taylor in movie."

And to gear up for the movie, Bell promises a rewatch -- "I plan on it! with live tweets!"

We cannot wait.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images