‪'The View' gives Coco Austin the Rear View award for her infamous selfies‬

"The View" has done a lot to highlight the best and brightest among mankind, but all those earlier celebrations pale in comparison to the award the show bestowed upon "Ice Loves Coco" star Coco Austin during Wednesday's (Oct. 23) episode.

During the new recurring segment "What's Pop'n with Sherri & Jenny," in which co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy read days-old news from tabloids in attempt to reveal what's, you know, pop'n, the two women brought up Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga's recent booty-centric selfies. "The two greatest butts on the internet in history, I think. Who even compares to that?" McCarthy asked.

And just like that, as if the women had summoned Beetlejuice himself, the stage doors parted, "Hold up!" was bellowed and Austin appeared.

Upset by being left out of great butt talk, Austin forced the co-hosts to pay fealty to her full end. "We stand corrected! And we want to make it up to you by giving you the Rear View award, otherwise known as the J.Lo," McCarthy said, handing over a mounted car rear view mirror in hopes of appeasing their surprise guest/captor.

Sensing the award wasn't enough, Shepherd gushed, "Coco, we love your butt so much because you are the original. Can you show us - because I don't have an onion. I can't make a man cry with this onion. Can you show us how to do a great booty pose?"

After a lesson in booty popping, during which Shepherd had a nervous look in her eye much of the time, McCarthy proceeded to slap Austin's a bunch because, well, butts.

Check out the full "What's Pop'n with Sherri & Jenny" segment above, if you dare.
Photo/Video credit: ABC