'The View': Natalie Cole on memoir 'Love Brought Me Back'

natalie-cole-getty.jpgSinger Natalie Cole joined the ladies of "The View" Monday morning (Nov. 8), where she told them about her new memoir, titled "Love Brought Me Back: A Journey of Loss and Gain."

The book chronicles Natalie's spiral into drug use after the death of her father, legendary singer Nat King Cole. The drug use subsequently led to her contracting Hepatitis C. The disease left her in need of blood transfusions and a kidney transplant, a two-year struggle the singer endured during which time her sister Carole died. The last time Natalie saw "Cookie," as she called her, was when she was heading into her kidney transplant surgery.

Cole also says she has a new CD coming out soon. We'll post video of her interview and performance on "The View" just as soon as it is available.