'The View' takes on 'Glee' in GQ: Barbara doesn't care

The women of "The View" touched on the "Glee"-GQ photo shoot affair Thursday (Oct. 21), and we got several things out of the discussion.

To wit:

Barbara Walters doesn't really care. Babs took the laissez-faire position on the photos of "Glee" stars Lea Michele and Dianna Agron, about which the Parents Television Council has raised a ferocious stink. Walters notes that Agron and Michele are both in their mid-20s and that no one forced them into their provocative poses. "I just can't get that passionate about it," she says.

And, over the objections of her co-hosts who worry that younger kids will be scarred by the photos, Walters says (hilariously, to our ears) that if a kid is resourceful enough to get his hands on the magazine, "it's probably not the first" racy picture he's seen.