'The View': The Levi Johnston trainwreck, Bill O'Reilly and mammograms

levi-johnston-the-view.jpgMonday's (Oct. 18) episode of "The View" was chock full of lively segments. First off, the women addressed the Bill O'Reilly kerfuffle, as this is the first time they've taped a show since that aired. Whoppi Goldberg continued to defend her position that no one should generalize the entire Muslim religion the way O'Reilly did, pointing out that both Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabbar are Muslim -- so does that make them responsible for 9/11? "You cannot just throw stuff around like that," Whoopi says. 

Barbara Walters says of the controversy, "We must be able to have conversations without fury, without rage, without screaming, without obscenities, without walking off. It's very dramatic. People love trainwrecks. People want us to do more of it because of the ratings. You don't walk out of your own home."

We could not agree more, on both counts. Speaking of trainwrecks (thanks for the segue, Babs!) -- the first guest was Levi Johnston, the prodigal (?) son of Wasilla, AK.