'The View' weighs in on Casey Anthony, interviews prosecutor Jeff Ashton

the-view-casey-anthony.jpgWe'll grant you that the bar for reasoned discourse of the Casey Anthony verdict on television has not been set especially high. Still, we were a little surprised to find that "The View" featured one of the more rational discussions of the case we've seen in the past 24 hours.

The hosts discussed the verdict in the Hot Topics segment Wednesday (July 6), and while it was clear that at least some of the panel didn't much care for the not-guilty verdict, they also refrained from piling on either the jury or Anthony herself.

"It's one thing to sit in your living room" and hear talking heads summarize the case on TV, Sherri Shepherd notes in the first of the two clips below. "It's another to be sitting there [as a juror] and look at all that evidence."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck also wonders if the fact that a murder conviction could have resulted in the death penalty for Anthony weighed on the jury: "I would feel pause. Would anybody be able to make their kids lunch the next day and think, 'Oh, I just put somebody to death'?"

"The View" also interviewed prosecutor Jeff Ashton about the case (it's the second clip below) and asked him if going for a lesser charge might have helped the case. He doesn't think so.

"The facts that we had, the way we looked at them, this was a first-degree murder. "If the jury agreed with us about what happened, this was a first-degree murder."

What do you think of "The View's" take on the case? Were you surprised to see such a calm discussion?

Photo/Video credit: ABC