'The Vineyard' finale: Does Katie stay on the island with Louis?

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the-vineyard-season-finale.jpg "The Vineyard" largely turned out to be about various 20-somethings hooking up and having summer romances on the titular island -- and nobody got gobbled up by a shark, much to our dismay.

But the finale brought a bunch of the relationships to either happy or unhappy endings. Emily broke it off with Jon but then got back together with him after being too hasty. Cat and Ben's plans to move in together fell through after Cat got a huge opportunity at an art gallery in New York.

Sophi and Gabby are still going strong, while Sean has kind of made his move for Jackie and she seems somewhat receptive.

But the big love story of the summer was between Katie and Louis. When she shows back up on the island, Louis tells her that he loves her. She doesn't say it back. Instead, she says, "I'm not saying I don't feel that way, but I'm not in a good place myself right now." 

In the end, Katie's not sure she's got it all figured out but that's OK. She, Jackie and Gabby all vow to return to the island next year.

Before she goes, Katie talks to Lou -- on top of the lighthouse he rented for the day, where he reads her a poem that he wrote for her. He asks her to stay on the island with him and we don't get her answer!

What is going to happen, "Vineyard" fans?!
Photo/Video credit: ABC Family