'The Walking Dead' finale sneak peek: 'Beside the Dying Fire'

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You know you're in for some serious chills when a sneak peek clip is preceded with a voiceover like: "Due to the intense nature of the season finale this is the only sneak peek that will be released prior to the premiere."

In the short clip above from the upcoming "The Walking Dead" Season 2 finale, we see Carl ( Chandler Riggs) and his dad ( Andrew Lincoln) walking back to the farm from the scene of ***SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED LAST WEEK'S EPISODE YET*** Shane's death(s). Carl wants to know what happened. Were his two dads attacked by walkers? Because, says Carl, he didn't see any.

Rick is on the verge of explaining why he had to take Shane out of the equation when snarling starts somewhere near at hand and see the massive herd of zombies emerge from the darkness behind them. OMG!

We didn't quite pee our pants, but it was a close call.

"The Walking Dead's" Season Finale airs Sunday (March 18) at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.
Photo/Video credit: AMC