'The Walking Dead': Glenn takes down a walker, rescues Maggie, pretty much rocks

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As Maggie ( Lauren Cohan) says in Sunday's (Nov. 20) episode of "The Walking Dead," "Secrets," Glenn ( Steven Yeun) has the skills it takes to be a leader. He's the go-to guy for runs into zombie infested territory and he takes on every high risk mission without complaint. So it wasn't much of a surprise when he ended up making another run into undead-infested territory to get something for someone else -- in this case, Lori.

When a walker unexpectedly turned up while he and Maggie were on a pharmacy run (so not like their first visit!), well, he picked up a metal shelf and mostly decapitated the zombie before any harm could come to his kind-of new girlfriend.

In one of the most talked about scenes from Sunday's show, seen online first here at Zap2it (above), watch as Glenn takes matters into his own hands.
Photo/Video credit: AMC