'The Walking Dead' holiday gift guide: Daryl Dixon T-shirts, Michonne's katanas and more

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With the holiday season getting closer and closer, there's no better time to get a jump on your shopping for your friends and family. Have a fan of "The Walking Dead" in your life? Then here's a handy gift guide to help you figure out what to buy him or her.

Gifts under $50:

"The Walking Dead" Pop figurines ($9.99) -- Want a cheap and easy way to help your favorite "The Walking Dead" fan show off their love for the show? Buy them their preferred character in adorable Pop figurine form.


If Daryl Dies We Riot T-shirt ($15.38) -- The producers on "The Walking Dead" well know that they'll be in trouble with fans if they kill off Daryl Dixon. There's no harm reminding them by spreading this "If Daryl Dies We Riot" T-shirt to more people in your life (right).

Zombie leggings ($27) -- These leggings are a subtle and fashionable addition to any "The Walking Dead" fan's wardrobe.

"The Walking Dead" from Telltale Games ($29.99) -- This video game might not have much to do with "The Walking Dead" TV series (though it does include several familiar character), but it didn't win Game of the Year at the Spike Video Game Awards for nothing. Available on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, iOS and Ouya, it's the perfect gift for any true "The Walking Dead" fan.

Daryl Dixon cardboard cutout ($34.95) -- The ladies (and dudes) love their Daryl Dixon, and what better way to bring "The Walking Dead" dream man to his fan in your life than with a cardboard cutout? 

"The Walking Dead" Monopoly ($39.99) -- Though inspired by "The Walking Dead" comics, this special edition of Monopoly is perfect for a friend or family member who loves both "The Walking Dead" and board games.

Gifts under $100:


Daryl Dixon PU vest ($52.13) -- Help a guy in your life look as cool as Daryl with this version of his vest.

"The Walking Dead" logo bookends ($89) -- Sure, these might not be the loveliest of all household decorations, but these walker bookends are a subtle and useful item for any lover of the AMC series (left).

"The Walking Dead" Season 3 Limited Edition Blu-ray ($94.96) -- Definitely snap this deal while it's hot. The terrifying Season 3 limited edition Blu-ray set, replete with the Governor's fish tank zombie heads, is available at 37 percent off on Amazon. Also available are Season 1 and Season 2 special editions.

Daryl Dixon ears prop replica ($99) -- This might not be the most lovely of all gifts, but there's a good chance someone you know would love to have this gory replica of Daryl's ears collection.

Gifts $100 and up:

"The Walking Dead" comics hard cover compendium Volume 1 ($100) -- What better gift for a fan of "The Walking Dead" than the comic book series that started it all? A gorgeous special edition hardcover version of the first eight issues is available, or you can get the normal version of the compendium for a cheaper $59.99.


"The Walking Dead" autographed poster ($249.95) -- This San Diego Comic-Con exclusive poster is one of the most beautiful pieces of art to be made about the show. Signed by artist Alex Ross, AMC is selling a limited number of this Season 4 memorabilia.

Michonne's Katana ($279.99) -- The official licensed version of Michonne's Katana is available for purchase for those willing to cough up the dough. Then again, the $279.99 price tag is a small price to pay for one of the most capable weapons in a zombie apocalypse.

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