'The Walking Dead' Season 2 finale snags 9 million viewers

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twd-s2-finale-group.jpgThings continue to look up for zombies. Sunday's (March 18) Season 2 finale of "The Walking Dead" drew a whopping 9 million viewers who turned in to see the dénouement of the show's sophomore season.

That's up 50 percent from Season 1's finale, according to an AMC press release, making it the highest rated episode in the series' history.

How does that stack up against the rest of Sunday night's lineup? In the same hour, both CBS' "The Good Wife" and ABC's "Desperate Housewives" drew approximately 9 million viewers each, too, with NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" clocking in at 5.2 million.

So, yeah, pretty pretty good for cable. And downright phenomenal for zombies.
Photo/Video credit: AMC