'The Walking Dead' sneak peek: Glenn's girl trouble

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In Sunday's (Nov. 13) episode of "The Walking Dead," the group will make a plan that Hershel ( Scott Wilson) doesn't agree with and he'll let them know they can't hang around his farm indefinitely.

But in the preview clip above, Glenn's ( Steven Yeun) mind is on something a little less (or more?) terrifying than zombies: women. Hot on the heels of his Maggie ( Lauren Cohan) hook-up, he turns to Dale ( Jeffrey DeMunn) for some advice on how to deal with chicks. It's actually one of the lighter moments in what has been an unrelenting (though totally watchable) season of blow after blow.

"All of the women are acting really weird," says Glenn, asking if Andrea ( Laurie Holden) is -- cringe! -- on her period. "I read somewhere that women's cycles line up and they can all get super-hormonal at the same time."

Dale wisely tells Glenn to keep his theories to himself. Glenn, obviously still itching to tell someone about his score, spills about his Maggie tryst. Dale warns him it probably wasn't a good idea considering Maggie's dad is their host.

"Jesus, Glenn, what were you thinking?" asks Dale

His reply: "I was thinking that I might be dead tomorrow."
Photo/Video credit: AMC