'The Walking Dead' webisodes now live! Meet Hannah, who says 'everything dies'

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In the first of "The Walking Dead's" six brand spanking new webisodes, posted Monday (Oct. 3) by AMC, we meet a very much alive Hannah, who wakes up from a car accident to find her children missing. Hannah, we should point out, is none other than "Bicycle Girl," the walker Sheriff Rick Grimes ( Andrew Lincoln) put out of her misery in the series pilot.

In the two-and-a-half minute first episode Hannah outruns a walker to find safety (however temporary) in her ex-husband's house. Subsequent episodes, which we won't spoil here, take us through Hannah's journey and transformation into zombie-hood.

The six mini-eps were directed by make-up/special effects master (and now series co-executive producer) Greg Nicotero. You can watch all of them online at amctv.com/the-walking-dead.

"The Walking Dead" returns to TV on Sunday, Oct. 16.
Photo/Video credit: AMC