'The Walking Dead': Zombie-making 101 with Greg Nicotero

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twd-flipbook-3.jpg "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on Feb. 12 and buzz is building for an action (and zombie) packed second half of Season 2. Zap2it is happy to be the first to offer you this exclusive look at AMC's new multimedia magazine, "The Making of 'The Walking Dead' Walkers."

In neato flipbook style, zombie master Greg Nicotero takes us through some of the show's more memorable walkers and shares juicy tidbits, including the identity of some familiar faces lurking behind all that makeup.

"That's me," he writes of Season 1's deer-eating zombie. "I was two zombies in Season 1. I was also the walker that ate Amy in Episode 5."

twd-flipbook-2.jpgHe also outs Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian as a rotten-toothed zombie featured in the "Torn Apart" webisodes.

Expect lots of pictures and some cool behind the scenes video. Our favorite aspect of the flipbook, though, is the often blunt detail with which Nicotero discusses his creations. For instance, this little gem about the Season 1 scene when Rick ( Andrew Lincoln) and Glenn ( Steven Yeun) kill a zombie to use as gutsy camouflage:

"We sewed a couple of silk sacks into the shape of internal organs and filled them with slime."

Yes, he gets paid to do this. Check out the entire magazine at AMCTV.com.

Photo/Video credit: AMC