'The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal officially joins TNT's 'L.A. Noir'

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jon-bernthal-red-gi.jpgNow that his character on "The Walking Dead" has been officially been killed off ( twice for good measure), actor J on Bernthal has been confirmed as the lead actor in "L.A. Noir," the upcoming Frank Darabont-led TNT cop show.

Darabont was responsible for Bernthal's casting as the Shane on "The Walking Dead." When Darabont abruptly left the show in July 2011, Bernthal -- along with his fellow co-stars -- was mum about their showrunner's departure, but when Darabont landed a new pilot with TNT, speculation immediately focused on the actor as a potential leading man for the project.

And, thanks to a marketing snafu, confirmation of Bernthal's "Walking Dead" death leaked in February which made his leap to Darabont's new show even more of a likelihood.

"L.A. Noir" is based on John Buntin's book about the decades-long conflict between the LAPD and the Los Angeles underworld. Set in the 1950s, Bernthal will play a cop hot on the trail of gangster Mickey Cohen.

Former "Heroes" star Milo Ventimiglia has also been cast.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images