'The Whole Truth's' Rob Morrow: Thanks for nothing, Chilean miners

ABC's freshman legal drama, "The Whole Truth," hasn't had the easiest road this season, but star Rob Morrow ("Northern Exposure," "Numbers")  thinks the series has a lot of life in it -- as long as nobody else gets stuck in a cave.

"I think we're a little bit in the woods with the ratings," Morrow tells Zap2it. "We lost a little bit of momentum last week because of the Diane Sawyer miners special, but I know the shows are good and I think we have a distinct series."

Morrow wasn't actually begrudging the miners' moment in the sun. And even with the less-than-desirable ratings, he's really optomisitc about the show's fate. "I have been getting the best feedback of anything I've done in a long time," he says. "There's a lot of good will and the network seems really into it. And we're into making it."

And making "The Whole Truth" with co-star Maura Tierney has drawn the inevitable questions about how far they'll take the "will they/won't they" dynamic. "It's a trope of television dramedies, " he says, "and it has its pluses and minues. I feel in 2010 we've got to push it. I'm always advocating pushing it somwhere we haven't seen. Never the less, playing with her is so much fun, I don't mind teasing for as long as we can."

But teasing is something Morrow has seen enough of. Even though going the distance with two leads often derails series, he thinks it would be fun to see what happened. "On 'Northern Exposure' it wasn't until like the fourth year where we slept together," Morrow says of Janine Turner's character Maggie, with whom his Dr. Joel Fleischman enjoyed many seasons of unfulfilled sexual tension. "Once you let that genie out of the bottle, you can't go back. I would rather see it crumble and see what comes out of the ashes though."

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Photo credit: ABC