'They Don't Know': Chris Brown revives Aaliyah for posthumous duet

Chris Brown is bringing Aaliyah back from the grave in the hopes of a little publicity. For "They Don't Know," a forthcoming single from his new album "X," the hip hop star and girlfriend beater performs a posthumous duet with the late R&B singer.

"The song is dedicated to all my fans," Brown says in an Associated Press video. "This song features Aaliyah, and never before heard vocals -- all new stuff that's never been heard before. So I got something special for my fans."

Brown says he shot a retro 1960s music video for the song in the Cedar Block "'hood," a gang-infested area in Los Angeles. He hopes to "uplift the poverty side of the community." That's Chris Brown, folks ... resuscitating long since passed R&B artists, and bringing gang bangers together through song. This guy ... 

For the record, Brown's arch enemy, Drake already performed a posthumous Aailyah collab in 2012 on the track, "Enough Said." So ... enough said.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images