Third Eye Blind pen Occupy Wall Street song

third-eye-blind-ows.jpgEvery big cultural movement needs a theme song, and '90s alt-rockers  Third Eye Blind have taken it upon themselves to supply the disgruntled 99 percent with a tune inspired by Occupy Wall Street. The track, entitled "If There Ever Was a Time," was written by frontman Stephan Jenkins in support of the movement. 

"I hope it achieves its goals of starting new politics that are counter to the trend towards oligarchy that's been increasingly foisted on us these last few years," Jenkins says in a press release on the band's website. 

"I think college students are going to come to terms with the unfairness of student loans, the hallowing out of jobs from finance based capitalism, and the depletion of public wealth," he continues. "When you take money out of politics, which is what Occupy Wall Street is about for me, you reverse these trends. This song is meant to encourage their participation. I hope we flood this movement with music."

Sample lyrics: 

if there ever was a time, it would be now for the rest of us
if there ever was a time it would be now
cause money and power are incestuous
a moment makes a movement
or it fades out in the dark
come on meet me down at Zuccotti park

and i saw a sign in the oakland spring
it said "occupy everything!"
or by and for and off won't mean a thing

You can download the new song for free on the band's website or Facebook page. Third Eye Blind requests that if you like the song, you donate to Occupy 99.
Photo/Video credit: Third Eye Blind