'Thor: The Dark World' meets 'Love Actually' in 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' video

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What happens when you turn "Thor: The Dark World" into a romantic comedy? That's what Jimmy Kimmel set out to find out on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

The resulting video, titled "Thor Actually," is absolutely adorable. There is a surprising amount of romance in the latest Marvel movie, and Kimmel's writers took advantage of it for this aww-inducing remixed trailer.

"First romantic comedy in 3D," Kimmel quips.

The 10th anniversary of "Love Actually's" US wide release is on Nov. 14, but the movie did open in limited release on Nov. 7, 2003. That means that this "Thor" video aired a decade after that date -- something that likely wasn't a coincidence.

Do you think that "Thor: The Dark World" and "Love Actually" are an appropriate mash up?

Photo/Video credit: ABC