Throwback Thursday: Jim Jefferies' awkward Santa photo deserves an award


Jim Jefferies got into the holiday spirit a little early this year -- the Awkward Santa Photo holiday spirit, that is. The "Legit" actor posted a photo of his younger Christmas-loving years to Twitter on Dec. 8, though it still fits with the "Throwback Thursday" theme.

"Me with santa when I was 2 1/2. The half year makes a big difference," he writes.

Jefferies seems to have undergone quite the transformation from age two-and-a-half to 36. While some people maintain their looks from their younger years up through their older ones, Jefferies looks like a completely different person. 

This image deserves an award not for its Santa aspect, but because of how hilarious it is seeing the Australian comedian that young. Here is a more current picture of Jefferies.


Do you have your own awkward Santa photos?

Photo/Video credit: Twitter