'Tiger Eyes': Best-selling author Judy Blume finally gets a film adaptation

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There has never been a feature film made from a Judy Blume book.

That crazy fact is about to change, as "Tiger Eyes," based on Blume's 1981 book of the same name is set to open Friday (June 7) in theaters and simultaneously on DirecTV, On-Demand and iTunes.

It's not just the book's author involved in the film adaptation either -- Blume's son, Lawrence Blume, wrote the screenplay and is a producer. Her husband, George Cooper, is the executive producer of the independent feature.

"Tiger Eyes" centers on a teenage girl named Davey (played in the film by Willa Holland of "Arrow" and "Gossip Girl"). After her father is murdered in New Jersey, Davey's family moves to Los Alamos, New Mexico to start over. Lawrence Blume told Reuters that the story is loosely based on his own teenage years. Judy divorced her first husband at the time and moved with her two teenagers to New Mexico.

judy-blume-tiger-eyes-twitter-zap2it-tatanka-means.jpgThe now-75-year-old Judy Blume has published over 20 novels, mostly for children and young adults. Her often ground-breaking books -- including "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret," "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing," " Blubber" and "Summer Sisters" -- have sold more than 82 million books over the past four decades. Despite this, all previous attempts at feature-film adaptations have failed.

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